Welcome to

The Breakers League!
Where Every Point Counts!!!

  This is a unique format using the "Best of Five" 10 Point Tie-breakers instead of regulation sets.

  You can play when you want... As much - or as little as you want...

  The rankings are based on how you do in each match and - even in a loss - reflect the level of competition you play!

  You will find the details in the Regulations section.

  League Fees are only $10 for a full year following your sign up date and we will be playing a never ending format! That is the rankings and averages will be on-going and relative!

  My name is Jeff Guerin and I will be your "Administrator" - simply put, I count the numbers and post the results! I hope I get to meet everyone involved, either on the court or off, at some point!

To join in contact me at: jeffonthelittlemo@gmail.com or call me at 870-925-1378.

Be sure to look into the 2017 Fall Season Kick Off Tournament to get started.
Happening NOW!!!