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Challenging A Player
Reporting Your Matches

There is just a $10 annual fee to join and renewed on your date of entry. This is to cover the administration of the league and website. This does take your "Administrator" a little time and effort, after all, and the web-site does require a little money as well. I think about anyone can handle Ten Bucks, I hope!

USTA membership is not a requirement, so there are no fees beyond the Breakers League $10...

Court fees, if needed, are up to you guys, but I suggest that the host for a match takes care of the fees since the Challenger is usually traveling to the host's home court (see Challengee below). If ya'll want to split neutral court fees that's up to you!

Contact Jeff Guerin to join the league: 870-925-1378 - e-mail at: jeffonthelittlemo@gmail.com
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Matches will be the best three out of five 10 Point Tie Breakers. This can be a quite exciting and balanced competition as the Coman Tie Breakers can be very "equalizing" situations! Both players serve an even amount of points, from both ends of the court and the mild intensity of having to win single points gives those who are "more competitive" what they are looking for out of their tennis.

On the other hand, the three out of five format allows you to "lose some" and not be out of the match - just like the pro Majors - without the potential for playing a never ending game or match (i.e. Isner vs. Mahut at Wimbledon...)! These you'll be able to wrap up usually in an hour or less and maybe play someone else right after that! You'll be able to work your way through some rough play and make significant come-backs if you have to, eh?

Those fourth and fifth Breakers can be real interesting!
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10 Point "Coman" Tie Breaker

To begin a match, spin for the serve just as in any match.

Players will switch ends after the first point and then after every four points. Switch after the first, fifth, ninth, thirteenth and seventeenth points (if needed).

In singles Player A serves the first point to the Deuce (right) court and then players switch ends. Player B serves the second point to the Add Court and third point to the Deuce Court - Player A then serves the fourth point to the Add and fifth point to the Deuce, and then players switch ends again. The pattern continues until one player wins ten points.

Just remember, if you have played an ODD number of points you will be serving to the Add Court, if you've played an EVEN number of points, you'll be serving to the Deuce Court!

A little tweak here for our purposes... If a Breaker reaches 9-9, the receiver (as in No-Add scoring) has the choice of court in which to receive serve. We will not be playing to "win by two". 9 All is a "Sudden Death" point!!!

The loser of any Breaker will serve first to begin the next Breaker.
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League Rankings

The Rankings are based on your "RSI" - Relative Strength Index - which is relative only to those who are in the league.

RSI Points

Are derived from whether you win or lose the match, who (if a loss) you played, and how many 10-point breakers and total points you win and lose... Your RSI is then based on your average score of all of your matches.

Even in a loss, you will get more credit for the actual points you win against a player with a high RSI than you would for losing to a lower rated player! The more everyone plays, the more accurate the RSI's become!

Just as an example... In the tightest match possible, i.e. 10-9, 9-10, 10-9, 9-10, 10-9 - the winner's score for that match would be 310 points. Let's just say that the winner's RSI after that match is 420.50 - the loser of that close match would actually score 395.27 RSI points for that match - almost as high as the winner's rating!

As it says at the top...
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Qualifying for Ranking

The Breakers League is an on-going format.

Once a player has played 10 matches or more the cumulative points and average will be based on the 10 most recent matches. This will allow for a player's improvement (or decline) and the average scores will reflect that.

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Challenging a Player

Anyone can challenge anyone else in the system with the following exception:

You CANNOT play a player again until you have played at least three other players.

You may not refuse to play some one either! If someone contacts you to play a match, you must arrange a date to play. It would be great if several players can schedule matches on the same day at the same location to get a few matches in (Play Days)! So if you can schedule someone to play on a Saturday morning, see if you can get someone else to play about an hour later at the same place, let them know that there might be someone else available to play again and put them in contact! They may want to play as well. 

The Challengee has the right to determine the location and surface, but let's try to be workable and consider those who have to travel. You might want to see if there is a neutral court that both of you can reach easily.

The Challenger should supply a can of balls, and you really don't have to have a fresh can of balls for every match unless you just really want to. But at least make sure they are reasonably fresh!
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Reporting Your Matches

In case you have, ahem... memory issues, I strongly urge you to write down your tie-breaker scores as you go along - not unlike checking your partner's score card in golf...

Just as you call the server's score first while playing (you should be), write down the match winner's scores first. Make sure you both agree on the scores before you get them to me, because once they're posted and scoring is tabulated - if there are any disputes - it causes me more work and you're going to make me go up on the rates for joining!

I prefer that you e-mail me (so I have it in writing and I don't get something wrong) at jeffonthelittlemo@gmail.com, text or call 870-925-1378 with:
Who played
Who won
The scores of each Breaker with the winner's scores first

From there I'll do the cypherin', post the results and up-date the rankings on the web site as quick as I can!
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