Welcome to

The Breakers League!
Where Every Point Counts!!!

  This is a "Challenge League" using 10 point tie-breakers instead of sets. Matches are the best three out of five 10 point breakers (you have to win three Breakers) with sudden death at 9-all!!!

  You can play when and where you want... As much - or as little as you want...

  The rankings are based on how you do in each match and - even in a loss - reflect the level of competition you play, which creates your Relative Strength Index or RSI...

  And your ranking counts only your most recent ten matches which reflects improvement or decline in your level of play.

  You will find the details in the Regulations section.

  League Fees are only $10 for a full year following your sign up date and we will be playing an ongoing format! That is the rankings and averages will be cumulative and relative!

  My name is Jeff Guerin and I will be your "Administrator" - simply put, I count the numbers and post the results! I hope I get to meet everyone involved, either on the court or off, at some point!

To join in contact me at: jeffonthelittlemo@gmail.com or call me at 870-925-1378.