Fall 2017 Breakers Kick-off Tournament!!!

We'll be doing something different to get this new season started!
We will conduct a tournament spread out over the course of three weeks!

Starting August 19 - finishing September 9th!

Click Here for the Round Robin Draw and matches

  The format will be determined by how many people we get to sign up for the draw. So it may be a round robin where everyone plays everyone else, or a double pool round robin, a straight "Compass" draw or "Drop Down" draw with multiple consolation rounds for everyone!

  Everyone should be lined up to play three or four matches over the course of the tournament! We will let you know who you need to play,

But it will be up to you to get the matches arranged and played as quickly as possible!
We need every round to progress evenly to finish all matches by September 9th! That gives us 22 days, so we surely should be able to do that!!!

  The $10 League Fee includes the tournament!!! All tournament matches will be played at Querbes Tennis Center and participants will be responsible for their court fees.

  These matches will set the rankings for the new season and thereafter!

  After the tournament the regular format will be in play. We may have more tournaments during the season or to finish the Fall season in November. That's in the works...

  To sign up for the tournament (and league of course), contact:

Jeff Guerin - 870-925-1378 - e-mail - jeffonthelittlemo@gmail.com
or Robert Versal at Querbes - 318-673-7787